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I have no idea how she is controled by the toad or why was that man shot but i hope you got a good grade for this.
הציור ממש נחמד המנגינה הג'אזית הזאת מעולה רק המסר שאתה מנסה להעביר לא מובן. אשמח להסבר

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I saw the film yesterday and you just summed up my 2h expirence in 45 sec so easily

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i love your movies man!!!! make more please never stop!!

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this game is pretty funny but i cant freaking get through the 2nd lvl the guy that i need to give money to always blows up!!!!!!!

i cant kill the first guy T_T please dont tell me this is another april fools game you made T_T it lookes to awesome!!!!!!! just like the esculator dude that runs away from zombies .... oh wait ..... T_T

Why cant i open the NEWGROUNDS.COM medal T_T its the last one i need

deathink responds:

Click the large logo after te loading screen to unlock that one :)

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I realy want that this audio will have a video to it will be freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Whoa!! man you did an awesome job !!! this made me fantsize some awesome midevil age things !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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JUST PLAYED IT IN THE SPEAKERS IN MY DAD SUPERMARKET !!!!!!!!!!! everyone were smiling till the very end!!!!!!!!!!!

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your drawings always make me remember how i want another video like tarboy

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its weird and cool , just if you didnt know this , you wrote cain with the right letters but you wrote it backwards

W-P-S responds:

lol, I suspected something was wrong

no biggie, my fault for using a language I don't know for esthetic purposes

just at time for nintendo anouncment of a new female archer named linkele looks really similar

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